Art Supply Lists

ART 102 - Foundation Drawing I

Sarah Morgan

1.Graphite drawing pencils: 6B, 3B, HB, 2H (individual) or a whole set

2.Charcoal pencils: extra soft, soft, medium hard, white

3.Vine charcoal (medium)

4.Erasers: * Kneaded, * Pink Pearl, * White plastic or vinyl

5.Blending stumps: large

6.Two-holed metal pencil sharpener

7.Retractable utility knife or exacto knife

8.Paper: Sketchbook (5”x 7” – 9”x12”),

                                         18” x 24” Drawing Pad (80lb) * the Strathmore 400 series *

                                          2 sheets charcoal or pastel paper (1 black, 1 mid-tone)



11.Spray Fixative

12.Portfolio (rigid)

 ART 103 - Foundation Drawing II

Sarah Morgan

Micron pen set (or individual 01, 03, 05)

Bamboo brush #10

India Ink

Paper:            2 sheets of Strathmore colored paper (not black or white)

                       2 sheets Hot Press illustration board

Colored pencils: * Prismacolor 24 set - minimum (NOT CRAYOLA, ROSE ART OR SIMILAR) or Staedtler colored pencil set (Derwent watercolor Pencil set - optional),

Prismacolor colorless blender


Pastel pencils: 24 set (NOT soft pastel sticks)


ART 104 with Lacy McKinney:

Art 115 U1


ART 202 - Painting I

1. Brushes:

• An assortment of sables - genuine or synthetic – (#2 round, #6 flat) and,

• An assortment of bristles - usually hog - (#3 round, #8 flat).

• If you can’t get exactly the size indicated, get the next size up.

• All brushes should have long handles and be oil or acrylic specific.

• A few inexpensive house painting brushes at a hardware or home improvement store (1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”).

2. Paint eraser / wipe out tool

3. Palette knife and a palette, approximately 12 x 16 (wood, Masonite or glass are

preferable, but a disposable palette or Plexiglas will do).

4. Vine charcoal and drawing pencils

5. Workable spray fixative (aerosol can)

6. 1 qt or 1 gal Turpenoid (for cleaning brushes)

7. 2oz Liquin painting medium

8. 1 pt of white gesso (acrylic)

9. Wide mouth glass jar with lid (for cleaning brushes). You could also buy a jar

specifically for cleaning brushes. They can be found at most art and craft stores.

10. Clean painting rags

11. (1) pre-gessoed canvas, between 8”x 10” and 12”x 16”

12. (1) pre-gessoed canvas, between 11”x 14” and 16”x 20”

13. 2 pairs of stretcher bars (16 x 20” or 18 x 24” recommended)

14. A few sheets of heavy weight paper (i.e. Arches Cover, Rives BFK, Canson Mi- Teintes)

15. Oil paints (all 37 – 40 ml tubes unless stated):

a. white – titanium white (120 ml), flake white (optional)

b. yellow – lemon yellow, cadmium yellow medium, yellow ochre (Gamblin is best)

c. green – terra verte, sap green, pthalo green, cadmium green (optional)

d. blue – ultramarine blue, pthalo blue / Prussian blue, cerulean blue (optional),

radiant blue, cobalt blue (optional)

e. red – cadmium red light / pale, cadmium red medium (optional), alizarin crim son, Venetian red, light red, or red iron oxide (light red by Old Holland is best, but it is expensive)

f. brown – burnt sienna, raw sienna, raw umber (Winsor & Newton Winton)

g. black – ivory black, cold black or blue black (Winsor & Newton or Holbien)