Student Services

Block Meal Plan

$287.50 - $862.50

Meal plan purchases using financial aid funds must be completed during the open financial aid charging period at The Book Nook. Block meal plans roll over from fall semester to spring semester and will expire on Commencement Day.

50 Block Plan - $287.50

This plan is ideal for students who are on campus occasionally or plan on eating one meal per day in the Café.

100 Block Plan - $575.00

This plan is ideal for students who are on campus daily or plan on eating two meals per day in the Café.

150 Block Plan - $862.50

This plan is ideal for students who live adjacent to campus as well as those who have multiple meal needs on a daily basis.



Present your ID card at The Book Nook prior to your first block meal purchase to receive a block meal plan identification sticker.  Meal plans may be purchased at any time throughout the semester but must be used prior to the end of the spring semester.  They may show out of stock. This is due to the meal plan and Laker Loot programs being non-inventory items so they don't actually have inventory. Therefore they will always show available for back order. Place your order with confidence as we will process your item as normal. This is simply a function of the inventory system. 

These are for the block meal plans ONLY. 


If you wish to add funds for Laker Loot (a la carte) purchases, please use the GET Mobile app or go to


Gift Card

$10.00 - $100.00

Gift cards can be used for any purchase in the store, including course materials. Please specify the card preferrence in the order comments: FLCC or Lake Monster. Item will show as out of stock or backordered, but this is due to the fact that we create them on an as needed basis. 

*Financial Aid CANNOT be used to purchase this item.