HP 15” Touchsmart

HP 15” Touchsmart

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THIS ITEM IS REFURBISHED! Once the box has been opened there are NO RETURNS TO THE STORE. All returns must be completed in accordance with the return policy. (If you use Financial Aid, any returns must be done before the period ends) 

HP TouchSmart 15.6 inch

Touchscreen laptop with charger

AMD A6-5200 Processor

Windows 10 home


One year warranty through vendor against any functional defects. Does not cover software malfunctions caused by misuse or improper shutdown. This is a laptop, not a handheld device. DO NOT just close the laptop. You must follow proper shutdown procedure, or it may result in failure of laptop to function. All warranty issues must be handled via the vendor (Refurble). You must put in a help ticket for assistance with the vendor (Refurble). Do not wait until the last minute to do this, if you have a problem, address it when it happens, not the day you need the laptop.