Laker Loot / GET Funds

Food Service

Please note due to the ongoing pandemic the Student Center cafe is not serving food until further notice, however the seating area will remain open.

Laker Loot (declining balance) may be used for food and beverage purchases at the food trucks and vending machines on campus as well as non-textbook purchases at the Book Nook. You can load Laker Loot funds onto your FLCC ID card. Laker Loot purchases are tax-free, equaling a 7.5 percent savings, and are accepted on all FLCC campuses. When you put funds on Laker Loot (not including financial aid), you receive an additional 5 percent bonus on purchases.

Financial Aid Purchases:

Click HERE to purchase Laker Loot with your financial aid! Laker Loot purchases using financial aid must be made during the financial aid availability time frame which opens January 18th for Spring 2021.

Non-Financial Aid Purchases:

Laker Loot (declining balance) may be purchased at

Use the GET Mobile app to instantly add cash funds to your ID card, check balances, and more! Download the free GET Mobile app at the App Store or Google Play.

Further Information:


Phone: (585) 785-1814