Text Book Buy-Back


Selling Back Your Books

We want to purchase your book, even if you didn’t buy it at the FLCC Bookstore!

All you need is your FLCC student ID and the textbook. You may get up to 45% back of the textbook’s retail value!

BUYBACK IS NOT GUARANTEED. We buy books that are needed for the following term. We also allow an outside vendor to buy books for other colleges (which sets prices at the national market value). The titles that are purchased are based on supply and demand at FLCC and in the textbook market. Some books being brought in may exceed our quota to purchase for that term. Some titles may be used only for the Spring or specifically for the Fall. If your book is rejected, please try back during another buy back period. For all currently planned buy-back periods, please see below.



Upcoming buy-back periods:

We are currently restructuring our buy-back as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please check back for details.


End of Semester Buy Back: Main Campus During typical business hours:


Geneva Campus: TBD

Newark Campus: TBD

Victor Campus: TBD

*Wholesale Only- This means that we are not buying back books for the store but  have lists from wholesalers that we are using to purchase books back. The books therefore do not stay in the store but go to national warehouses.